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Company, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap, continued...

Mailing & Fulfillment Capabilities:
Mailing Services. SED’s mail programmers earn you considerable postage discounts that often exceed the cost of our mailing services. The result: faster and more accurate delivery at an unheard-of value.

Mail List Management. Full-time programmers provide a variety of other services, including reformatting lists as necessary, deduping on request, CASS certifying for USPS delivery, and forwarding for NCOA as needed. Through a step-by-step assessment of your list, we aim to ensure that your mail is getting into all the hands you intended!

Ink Jet Addressing. Ink jet addressing employs the latest
HP technology to produce addresses of the highest print quality and resolution.

Mailing Labels and Barcode Tracking. By combining our expertise in programming with our inkjet technology, we can provide a barcode on any piece we put out. Perhaps you have a direct response piece going out we can spray a barcode on the return vehicle that immediately links to the database with one wand of a scanner pen, saving you the effort of keying in already existing data. Bar coding can be also employed for tracking and accountability of non-mailed product as well.

Fulfillment Services. Order your supplies and have them shipped immediately. Clients receive detailed reports on usage, shipments, cost, and current inventory levels. SED’s fulfillment services offers maximum cost savings while providing complete management control capabilities.





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