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Mailing Services

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap is the commercial printing company that not only produces high quality products but also offers superior mailing services. From pressroom to mailroom, mailing is often the last piece that completes our clients’ puzzles. In addition to mail list management services, we will qualify your direct mail piece for automation postage rates.

By utilizing advanced technology in computerized addressing, presorting, and postage metering, SED complies with all United States Postal Services (USPS®) mailing requirements. Our full-time programmers process your lists to ensure accuracy and the best possible postal discounts. At Smith-Edwards-Dunlap, we take pride in being able to handle your entire list and mailing needs. We do whatever it takes to get your printed product into the right hands in the right amount of time.

SED’s Mailing Services Include:
Computerized addressing is an effective way to expedite the mailing process. SED’s computer addressing services include deduping, file maintenance, mail qualification reports, CASS™ (coding accuracy support system), zip + 4 bar coding, and postage summary report printing. Through CASS™ we can evaluate the accuracy of your list with our address-matching software programs and improve the quality of zip-4, carrier route, and five-digit coding accuracy.






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