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Mailing Labels & Barcode Tracking, continued...

SED’s Mailing Labels with Barcode
Tracking Applications:

Barcode Tracking for Return Vehicles. Do you have a business reply card or direct response piece going out? At SED, we can spray a barcode on the return vehicle that immediately links to a database with one swipe of a scanner pen, saving you the effort of keying in already existing data.

Barcode Tracking for Identification of Packages. Is it critical to immediately account for every item of your package at delivery? Smith-Edwards-Dunlap allows for clear, automatic identification of packages by including a scanable barcode on each item, package, carton, and pallet based on need.

Barcode Tracking for Inventory Control. Bar coding can be also employed for tracking and accounting of non-mailed product as well. SED’s barcode tracking allows us to maintain an organized inventory of printed products for fast and accurate delivery.

Mailing & Fulfillment Mailing Labels & Barcode Tracking




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