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SED’s Mailing Services for
Ink Jet Addressing

Your envelopes or direct mail pieces serve as a business tool for communicating with your customers. The appearance of your envelope or direct mail reflects the professionalism of your company. Furthermore, how fast your envelopes or direct mail pieces are processed impacts how quickly recipients respond. Companies of all sizes and industry types are investing in inkjet addressing services from Smith-Edwards-Dunlap (SED), a premier commercial printing company, for a highly efficient and cost-effective method to quickly print professional-looking addressing on all their outgoing mailing materials.

How Inkjet Addressing Works
Inkjet addressing, one of SED’s many mailing services, is a process in which the names, addresses, and bar codes are printed directly onto your mail piece. All information is maintained and formatted in a data file that is fed electronically via a computer to the inkjet head where tiny spray bars emit ink to form letters, thus creating a neatly "printed" address. SED’s inkjet addressing systems deliver quality, versatility, precision, high speeds, low operating costs and eliminate the need for a separately affixed label.

Advantages of SED’s Inkjet Addressing
Mailing Services:

High Quality. With inkjet technology, commercial printing and addressing is always crisp and sharp. Both the text and images of your address label benefit from rich, dark black and attention-grabbing spot color.

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