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Fulfillment Services at Smith-Edwards-Dunlap, continued...

Not only can we warehouse, pick, assemble, and mail, we collect valuable marketing data for future use. Our clients receive detailed reports on usage, shipments, cost, and current inventory levels for complete management control capabilities. Based on these reports you can distinguish how often certain materials are being ordered and where your money is best spent.

Drop Shipments
Don’t stock literature within your facility, when you can call Smith-Edwards-Dunlap with your order and shipping details we’ll distribute your commercial printing materials directly to the end-users! With SED’s drop shipment fulfillment services, you can keep “show” items on display at your facility so that customers can review them when necessary and send bulk orders to those who need them most.

Our drop shipment services help to eliminate routing the shipment from the USPS® (United States Postal Service), your company, and eventually to the customer. We provide this service for the purpose of saving you both time and postage fees. From ensuring the highest commercial printing quality to filling your orders in a timely fashion, it is important to us to meet and exceed your needs.

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