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High-speed. Smith-Edwards-Dunlap’s facility houses equipment that is linked through an integrated, high-speed network. SED uses cutting edge software and equipment to ensure that our clients receive the finest commercial printing products at the speed they need.

What Does Digital Prepress Entail?
There are four steps that make up the digital prepress process for commercial printing:

Flight checking and color correction.
Prepare, RIP and impose files.
Digital proofing.

SED’s experts perform digital color correction and photo manipulation to ensure that printed photographs have clarity, consistency, and brilliance. Many printing companies minimize the importance of digital color correction and photo manipulation. Smith-Edwards-Dunlap, however, takes this step in the digital prepress process to ensure that printed products exceed client expectations. Every electronic file is flight checked to eliminate nearly every potential problem.

Once the files are reviewed, they are RIP’d and imposed. SED’s electronic imposition is a precise and computerized process during which the proper layout of a job for the press sheet is determined and implemented.

SED’s high-end digital proofing allows the client to proof their job for layout, text, and color correctness on the same paper used in final printing. Since not all files require this high-end, same-stock proof, SED offers three different levels of proofing devices based on what is most cost-effective for the client and the needs of the job.




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