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Preparation of Digital Files for
Commercial Printing

Located in Philadelphia with over 100 years of commercial printing experience, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap knows that a successful end product requires execution of certain critical steps before going to the digital proofer and platesetter. The steps are file submission, flight check and file evaluation, Raster Image Processing (RIP), and electronic imposition.

File Submission for Commercial Printing
Customers who submit files for commercial printing can use either Mac or PC platforms. These files are then loaded onto SED’s prepress network. Files can be submitted on conventional media, such as CD, DVD, or Zip disk. Additionally, we accept web-based transfer which is made possible through our FTP site or our WebNative® portal.

WebNative® is a central access point for both customers and designers. Customers can upload files with a standard web browser. Once the file is uploaded, customers have access for previewing, soft proofing, repurposing, and archiving. WebNative® provides secure two-way access for SED employees and customers to both transfer files and view the latest version of the commercial printing project.

Commercial Printing:
Flight Check & File Evaluation

Flight check helps ensure that all elements, fonts, images and colors are included and furthermore that files are properly prepared. Upon review of the flight check report, the file is evaluated and then possibly corrected in its native format before it is submitted to SED’s Nexus Rip software.

Preparation of Digital Files




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