Digital Color Correction & Photo Manipulation
in Commercial Printing

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap is committed to providing customers with brilliant color, resolution, and definition through digital color correction and photo manipulation.

Our expert staff follows a precise commercial printing process to ensure that costly problems resulting from inaccurate colors and photographs do not arise. SED employees adhere to precision in the process of their work. Even professional photographs do not always come out perfect. For this reason, SED works hard to ensure that colors and clarity of photographs are the best they can be.

Digital Color Correction CMYK
Cyan. Magenta. Yellow. Black. This is the commercial printer’s base for presenting color to the human eye. The human eye and changes in lighting alter the perception of printed color, especially when the four colors are not properly blended.

Good digital color correction blends CMYK properly and creates an image which is the exact match to the original. But excellent digital color correction can create an image that is better than the original.

By adjusting contrast or creating duotones or tritones, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap creates an image that captures the depth and brilliance that the camera cannot always provide. Additionally, SED color correction can change the overall color of a picture or a specific area to create the desired effect.

Digital Color Correction




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