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Typesetting Desktop Publishing Services
at Smith-Edwards-Dunlap

To compose textural materials in an aesthetic form on paper or other media, Regency Infographics, a division of Philadelphia’s industry-leading commercial printing company, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap (SED), offers typesetting as part of our desktop publishing and commercial printing services. Research shows that correctly designed and typeset text will be more easily read and comprehended. And while you may believe that it is initially cheaper not to use designers (or a typesetter who understands typography), without them your publication may not be read and understood as you intended.

Advantages of SED’s commercial typesetting services:

Multi-shift operation
Professionally trained employees
Extremely accurate production
Journeymen experience
Quick turnaround

Why not let SED’s professionals, who have the requisite knowledge, equipment, and expertise, handle this process for you? Smith-Edwards-Dunlap offers full-service typesetting capabilities, working from original manuscripts, supplied disks, or OCRs. For clients who have their own desktop publishing departments and uneven workloads, we can work as a back-up during their busy times or staffing shortages. We offer our assistance to help convert page layout files and provide advice on correct typographical techniques and also important details on typefaces, so that customers can make use of them in their files.




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