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Expert Proofreading Desktop Publishing
Services at Smith-Edwards-Dunlap

Spellcheck is no substitute for complete and accurate proofreading. It can be a useful tool but it is far from foolproof. Spell checkers have a limited dictionary, so some words that show up as misspelled may just not be in their memories. In addition, spell checkers will not catch misspellings that form another valid word. Furthermore, spell checkers cannot identify font or style inconsistencies, overlapping images, and more.

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap (SED), a leading commercial printing company, is equipped with a full-service desktop publishing division, Regency Infographics, which offers expert proofreading services. Our experienced proofreaders don’t just check for typos and grammar, but catch font and style errors as well. Whether the file is yours or one generated by us, we offer complete proofreading services as well as editing services. Contact SED for the proofreading services that produce error-free materials ready for print.

Our Expert Proofreading Services Include:
Proofreading for Spelling & Grammar Mistakes. You’ve worked hard to develop your ideas and present them for others on paper. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure that the text is accurate and that the overall copy reads well? Careless errors can distract readers from obtaining a clear understanding of your message. At SED commercial printing and desktop publishing, we believe it’s worth paying close attention to the details for the purpose of making a good impression.




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