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Class Action Legal Printing

For more than a century, Smith-Edwards-Dunlap (SED), a commercial printing company in Philadelphia, has provided clients with high-end legal printing. Longevity, dedication, attention to detail, and our continual pursuit for a precise process make SED well-qualified to handle a broad range of legal printing needs. One of SED’s specialties in the legal arena is the printing and mailing of class action notifications. Important legal, financial, or consumer notices are printed with maximum quality at a minimum turnaround.

Smith-Edwards-Dunlap has participated in some of the largest class action notifications in history, including the Fen-Phen case, the NASDAQ case, and the Airlines Antitrust case. Experience in printing for high-profile litigation has made SED one of the most reputable and preferred commercial legal printers in the industry. Our involvement with these cases is in large part due to the consistent quality products that we are known to produce and the unparalleled efficiency in our legal printing process. Our expertise in mail programming and preparation reduces undeliverable or duplicate mail pieces.

Legal Printing That’s Clear & Easy to Read
Law firms and companies send class action notifications for a variety of reasons, from product and automobile recalls, to consumer or investor grievances, to the commencement of a lawsuit announcement, to proposed settlement notices, and more. People who receive these notices can range from layperson to professional. For this reason, it is important to make sure that the class action notice be both clear and accurate enough so that anyone can understand the notice and respond appropriately.




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